masterpiece hotels: The Dharmawangsa

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  • Iman Lubis

masterpiece hotels: The Dharmawangsa

When returned to The Dharmawangsa, I have been told that this time I must explore the epitome of classic Javanese style and far less visited timeless interior of architectural design of this hotel. And so it came to pass that I have just warily arrived, I was looking for something both the art of gracious living that is a blend of sophistication and elegant intimacy to live up to the five star luxury high standards.

With the softly science of Jasmine, The intimate lobby design of the hotel reception desks was inspired by common 19th century desks found in Pesisiran area –North coast of Java, The two wooden benches are completed with Terracotta pots are from East Java which is a modern interpretation of a common 14th century Majapahit style. Meanwhile the simple line of cabinets and concierge counter recall the art deco style and very popular back in 1930’s Jakarta.

En route to upstairs in the arcade I noticed four recessed walls, each filled with three lances of which the center one is displayed naked without scabbard. In Javanese culture, lances have significant meaning for the house and its owner and in reference the Javanese gives titles to these lances emphasizing their importance. Well, in the first right hand recess is Kyai Kanjeng Ardjo Nati, which gives power and legitimacy to the owner of the house.

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