masterpiece hotels: The Hermitage

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  • Iman Lubis

masterpiece hotels: The Hermitage

It is impossible to tell from the superb facade you see now. But long ago it was a historical building located in the historical district of Menteng in Central Jakarta for Dutch Telecommunication Office since 1923 and over the courses of several decades and being a University of Bung Karno. Lots of vision and imagination were required to turn it into what stands today. The transformation of this hotel is nothing short of magical. A run-down and neglected room was miraculously turned into a cutting edge of this hotel. Like so many of you, I have enjoyed staying at the luxury vintage hotel serving as unlikely before.

The spacious art deco deluxe room reveals a formal luxury with a soothing white tone of colours and luxurious materials include the comfortably fully-appointed living room which I sat down for an espresso provided by y3 in my room. The old teak work desk remain me from the older days and a white marble allows for the beautiful wooden elements of my good size bathroom to truly stand out and amenities of Etro product are available to make the generous choice for my skin treatment.

This hotel has a lot of history, as it is clear when you walk through the entrance into the colonnade lobby area, lavishly furnished with leather chairs and sofas which made The Hermitage a contemporary interpretation of 1920’s heritage style. The nine-storey main building is book-ended by two wings and built around open courtyards.

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