my new signature dish: Frestro & Bar

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  • Dhana Ardhian

my new signature dish: Frestro & Bar

Frestro & Bar - a world class dining and bar for everyone concept, serves the finest International Artisan Gourmet Cuisine, crafted with passion, presented with flair and infused with the soul of Bali, it is a place to celebrate all that is great and good about food and drink on the island of the gods.

Great food begins with great ingredients, and so here at Frestro, they strive to use the best and freshest ingredients grown with the help of local farmers, thus formed a bonding far more than just a commercial relationship.

The journey from farm to plate begins in the lush mountains of Bedugul in central Bali. The fresh air and cool climate are absolutely perfect for growing the best produce, and so almost all of their fruit, vegetables, and herbs come delivered right to their door direct from their very own farm. Anything that they serve up is sourced from somewhere within Indonesia. Their beef comes from a ranch of Australian breed cattle in Java, while their happy chickens get to enjoy the open air and green grass of Bedugul. Even the little thing of ingredients they do their best to keep local, like the Singaraja salt from the small north Bali village of Tejakula, which is renowned for making the best natural salt on the island. Frestro has a strict no chemicals or additives policy, and the guests definitely can taste the difference because of it. All of the dishes served are healthy and nutritious.

Frestro & Bar, Kerobokan, Bali, +62 361 934 5888,

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