connoiseur story: Sofia at The Gunawarman

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  • Dhana Ardhian

connoiseur story: Sofia at The Gunawarman

Bestowed as a naturally lit gourmet restaurant serving exceptional Italian, French and Asian cuisines with a comfort of everyday dining approach, Sofia –known as the heart and the soul of The Gunawarman, depicts a classic timeless design with a touch of eclectic modern flair.

The first encounter Sofia will forever be a remarkable experience and lasting memory. When entering the restaurant, comforting sensation of soft sun rays from a stretch of striking floor-to-ceiling arc windows will gracefully embrace.

Piquant aroma of the favorite comfort food from the kitchen doors and the tangy fragrance of freshly brewed coffee will trigger the deepest, most earnest desire for food.

Within the restaurant, there is also small counter called KITTE where the guests can treat themselves freshly-made boulangerie and a slice of the heavenly chocolate decadence with a side of freshly brewed coffee in this glamorous palatial haven. KITTE is successfully blending the art of French baking and nouveau Japanese panache, the humble and unpretentious bakes that are unlike any other.

Sofia also spoils the guests with a choice of traditional or champagne afternoon tea. It is ravishingly served on a classic high-tea three-tier bomboniere filled with a vast variety of sweet treats and tasty delights and paired with a pot of exquisite organic tea.

Alternately, the guests can also indulge afternoon-tea with a decadent twist. Sip a glass of bespoke bubbles along with Sofia’s classic selection of homemade cakes, scones, and dainty sandwiches.

Have a little fun and take a few hours off the frantic day to just relax and unwind with fine deserving companions in this glamorous haven.

Well-known for its enchanting sunset moment towards the magical hours of the late afternoons, it is a perfect place to start a new pleasurable pastime with fine deserving companions, and experience this remarkable scene first hand in Sofia’s elegant theatrical setting.

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