masterpiece hotels: The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta MGallery By Sofitel

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  • Iman Lubis

masterpiece hotels: The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta MGallery By Sofitel

Visiting one of the old towns in Indonesia is less completed if we do not come to Yogyakarta of course. There is one historical hotel about the history of Indonesia that will never be forgotten namely The Phoenix Hotel MGallery by Sofitel.

Originally built in 1918, it was a personal residence of Mr. Kwik Djoen Eng and after 12 years later in 1930 the private house was converted into a hotel function by the second owner named Mr. Liem Doen Hwatt called as Splendid. During the heyday of Japanese occupancy in Indonesia, the brand was changed to Yamamoto Hotel in 1942. Since the departure of Japan from Indonesia in 1945, this Hotel was restored to the original hotel owner in 1945-1949 and it once used as an official Residence of Chinese general-consul during that era.

Walking the time in 1951 the house was utilized by the Directorate of The State Hotels and Tourism and reused into a hotel with a different brand as Hotel Merdeka which means “Freedom” in Bahasa Indonesia. And at the same time also Hotel Merdeka was functioned as the official residence where the first President of Indonesia Mr. Soekarno and also the Vice President Mr. M. Hatta.

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