breakout: Jeeva Beloam

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  • Nino Svetlan

breakout: Jeeva Beloam

It can be said that this was a long road trip after landing at the international airport of Lombok. I had to travel for over three hours by a shuttle from Jeeva Beloam. Luckily, Lalu, my driver, was constantly telling me about the story of Lombok and Beloam, which kept me awake all the way to the location.

After a two and a half hour of the journey, finally, we arrived on a small, graveled road, and on either side of shady trees. Every once in a while, wild monkeys clinging to the branches of trees.

I was rest assured that this is the sign that we are almost there, as Lalu said that there will be many monkeys around on the last road to Jeeva Beloam. Sure enough, a few minutes later, we saw a wooden signage inscribed with Jeeva Beloam.

Upon entering the resort, I saw the clean sandy patch and I can tell that this place is very charming since the first footsteps. Directly after the entrance gate, I was deceived by a shady forest area. I saw some wooden buildings with a thatched roof at some point like in the middle of a forest, and some of it turned out to be on the beach.

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