A Piece of Legacy

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  • Rangga Prasetia

A Piece of Legacy

At first, I thought that this fort was a heritage of the Dutch colony, judging by its name. This sturdy building is actually the legacy of the Kingdom of Gowa-Tallo which was built first near the coast in 1545.

The fort was built to resemble a turtle who wants to go down to the sea with its head as the main door and its legs are the bastion, where the cannons are placed. It is said that this turtle-like shape in accordance with the philosophy embraced by the Kingdom of Gowa, being able and strong survive on land and at sea. Therefore, this fortress is sometimes called the Benteng Penyu.

The Dutch East Indies Company at that time is intensely attacked the Kingdom of Gowa between the years 1655 to 1669 with a very clear purpose to control the spice trade in the Eastern Nusantara and expand their territory to Banda and Maluku. As a result, the Kingdom of Gowa was forced to sign the Bongaya Agreement and had to transfer the control of the fort to the Dutch East Indies Company. From that time, the fort has since been renamed Fort Rotterdam, by Cornelis J. Speelman, the ruling governor-general of the Dutch East Indies Company.

There are many stories behind that valuable to be listened in lieu of reading this article that can’t even describe its magnificence. The curved walls painted in yellowish colors are now becoming a silent witness of the ongoing battle between the sacrificial Kingdom of Gowa and the Netherlands.

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