Food Glorious Food - Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy

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  • Nino Svetlan

Food Glorious Food - Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy

For decades, Indonesia has been globally known for its classic ingredients and richness of spices, sustaining a never ending Indonesian culinary diversity. However, despite the abundance of spices, only a few talented chefs are inspired to create new culinary innovations. NUSA, short for Nusantara, means the archipelago. With the immense landscape, the country reflects its diversity through its resources, cultures, and gastronomy.

Situated in a colonial building with strong historical values, NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy was designed in detail, uplifting those indigenous spices provides the nation’s profusion through contemporary presentations and represents a piece of each region through each bite.

It goes along with NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy’s mission to use the best Indonesian harvests, to cultivate them using authentic techniques and cooking processes, traditionally then perfected with a modern touch, and lastly, to display them in an original way without leaving their real tastes and genuine characteristics. Aside from appealing the taste buds, uniquely, guests can also listen to stories about the origins of the dish along with its cultural background. Consequently,

its main the purpose is to strengthen one’s appreciation for the Indonesian culture.

“It is not solely about combining classical heritage with modern elements, but at the same time it also respects Indonesian culture through the creation of contemporary pieces,” said Chef Ragil Imam Wibowo, the founder and head chef behind NUSA’s concept. With the aforementioned background, NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy exposes Indonesia’s culinary traditions in a different light and places the latter on a global field.

Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy, Jl. Kemang Raya No. 81, Jakarta, Indonesia, +62 21 719 3954,

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