Yats Colony

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  • Iman Lubis

Yats Colony

YATS Colony is one of the boutique hotels that steal the attention of travel enthusiast whilst visiting Yogyakarta. The hotel introduces the unique and unparalleled concept of co-living space.

YATS Colony hotel lies in the extension of a number of highly mutually creative projects. How come? Because every corner of the room is really well-designed, both interior and exterior design. And speaking of interior design, it’s packed and proportional, the selection of room furniture, wall art, amenities, signage, were very attentive to detail.

YATS Colony featuring five types of rooms of HA-NA-CA-RA-KA which derives from ancient Javanese letters, which closely means ‘Once upon a time.’ The NA Room at YATS Colony is a spacious and luxurious suite of suites, enriched with wood elements with a blend of fresh lemonade green colored sofas, made the interior of this room become more lively and elegant, which represents an exciting artistic taste.

For interior design, YATS Colony was built with exceptional unique artistic standards. The typical resort-style pool with tropical nature ambiance is complemented by surrounding greenery as well as a circular pool lounge for mingling activity with other guests. In addition, the magnificent stone slider and floating ducks that became pretty icons also adorn this pool area.

For the food and beverage outlet, their YATS bistro is a chic, blended Western-Asian restaurant located on the ground floor of the hotel. Chef Maya Aldy hails culinary fusion as her main inspiration, bringing to YATS Colony a culinary philosophy shaped from the west to east of the nation. Focusing on spices and ingredients-driven menus to provide savory dishes, YATS bistro has attended to the details to create a homey ambiance.

YATS Colony is the right choice for those who want to redefine the luxury lifestyle from a different point of view. It is a necessity that begins where necessity ends, or in a simple way, luxury is a state of mind where something can satisfy one’s necessity at a certain point. YATS Colony is powerful enough to drive your mind in indulging the opulence from another side.

For more details please see Yats.co D.I Yogyakata +62 274 375 948

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