Yogyakarta: Cultural Heritage Of The Island Of Java

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Yogyakarta: Cultural Heritage Of The Island Of Java

Yogyakarta, nestled in the center of Java Island, is a city that has a million charms which always makes the tourists want to revisit. In addition to having the nickname as a city of artists, this city is also well-known as a cultural sphere, especially with many historic relics found since the days of the Mataram Kingdom of the ancient time.

There are many things that can make someone miss Yogyakarta. Its well-known friendly people and slow pace life, Yogyakarta is a city that has its own rhythm. Not rushed like other big cities, but still boisterous and alive - away from the boring thing. Probably this is the rhythm that all tourists feel so when they set foot in this city.

The city is also one of the world’s cultural center. Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat or Keraton Yogyakarta is the official palace of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate which is now located in Yogyakarta. Although the sultanate is officially part of the Republic of Indonesia since 1950, this palace complex is still functioned as the residence of the sultan and his courthouse which still preserve the sultanate tradition until today.

Yogyakarta Sultanate has various cultural heritage both in the form of ceremony and ancient and historic objects. Thus, it is not surprising that the values ​​of philosophy and mythology can still be felt in this city.

Yogyakarta Sultanate has a very important influence on the Javanese society culture in Yogyakarta. The influence is widespread when the Sultan has succeeded to combine his charismatic leadership with a rational and modern leadership. The close relationship between the people of Yogyakarta and the Yogyakarta Sultanate is evident in their art, rituals, and ceremonies. For example, in traditional marriages, the groom and the bride may wear a royal family suit called ‘basahan’, whereas, in the past, only the royal family could wear the suit.

In Yogyakarta, tourists will find many elderly women that are still working, whether carrying the vegetables or firewood. Many come from the outer sides of Yogyakarta. Some will be found in the major markets, and the tourists will also meet them on the side of the road - waiting for the bus that will take them home.

One of the reasons why Yogyakarta known as a special city is the awareness of its citizens to be hospitable and upholding the respectful manners. The people of Yogyakarta have a principle of putting forward the polite behavior because it will be far more charismatic than the inanimate object of possession and this awareness has been difficult to find in other big cities in Indonesia. These rich values will make the tourists always miss to return to this city again.

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