Komaneka at Bisma offered Picnic Lunch at Kubu Pan Seneng of Seneng Ki

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  • Rangga Prasetia

Komaneka at Bisma offered Picnic Lunch at Kubu Pan Seneng of Seneng Kitchen

Ubud, Bali – Seneng Kitchen at Komaneka at Bisma invites food lovers to dine like locals in Pak Seneng’s Kubu. The kubu is a compact hut built above the resort’s rice fi eld. It is made specifically to create an impression closer to Balinese people’ traditional habits that enjoying their lunch after cultivating a rice field or land.

“The life in Bali is still very close to farming. Usually, the distance between the house and the rice field is quite far. They will build a compact hut for their shelter and also for lunch; they do do not have to go back and forth between the house and rice fi elds. Therefore, through this picnic lunch, we want you to feel an extraordinary lunch experience a la Balinese locals”, said Bapak Nyoman Kariana the Resort Manager of Komaneka at Bisma

For this memorable experience, Seneng Kitchen has prepared a range of foods suitable for casual lunches; starting from everyone favorite - French fries to fresh fruit as your refreshing dessert. You can also enjoy Beef Wrap - rolled grilled beef in fl our tortillas, capsicum, onion, with guacamole, sour cream, tomato salsa. Mini fish burger is also available- served with mayo sambal. “Our Komaneka Family prepares these special cuisines to your liking. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds!” said, Chef Mardita, Komaneka Resorts Executive Chef. We would like also to share several tips if you join this lunch: • Wear comfortable clothes as the outdoor venue is made as close to nature as possible. • Wear comfortable shoes as you may walk on the rice fi eld. This special lunch is limited every day and available at only IDR 365,000 net per couple, available for in-house and outside guests of Komaneka at Bisma.

For more details please see komaneka.com

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