The Balinese Living Arts Show Performance at Desa Visesa Ubud

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  • Nino Svetlan

The Balinese Living Arts Show Performance at Desa Visesa Ubud

Beliefs, Rituals and Spirits behind day to day life in Bali

Inspired by beliefs, rituals and spirits behind day to day life in the village, Desa Visesa is proudly presents the Balinese Living Arts show performance that comes to life amongst the rice paddies in Desa Visesa - immerse yourself into the vivant tableaus in Puri Kantor.

Siwa Nataraja: Bali Unmasked

By Balinese Living Arts

For Balinese people, the essence of art work such as painting, sculpture, dance, crafting ritual offerings and musical performance is first offered to the Almighty. Artists and artisans reverently rejoice in the simple pursuit of perfection as in actions as mundane as preparing a simple floral offering or as sublime as the total surrender to a mystical trance dance.

For a cultural showcase and entertainment purpose for tourists, Siwa – Bali Unmasked is a daily stage performance at Puri Kantor - Ubud’s Royal Palace. This show is depicting a traditional Balinese banjar where, one-by-one, talented artisans are seen busily creating traditional flutes, masks, exquisite ritual offerings, paintings, and traditional puppets – all presented against an ever-changing scene of exquisite Balinese dance and life-like characters fashioned by the world-renowned puppetry team of Made Sidia and Peter Wilson.

In a pioneering approach to contemporary theatre, elements of fine art and ritual communicate combine to communicate the extensive and intensive role artistic refinement plays in the daily life of the Balinese.

Each remarkable performance ends with the audience and artists gathering together on stage, reflecting the age-old generosity of the Balinese who eagerly share their rich culture with Island visitors.

Dewi Sri – The Quest for Balance

By Balinese Living Arts

Desa Visesa Ubud is bestowed by the verdant rice fields, giving the each daily performance of “Dewi Sri – the Quest for Balance” chance to revolves around the fabled Goddess of Fertility in the central role. Dewi Sri’s pervasive dominion over Balinese culture is considered essential to the prevention of famine, poverty, and disease. Dewi Sri’s reign over the rice terraces of Bali ensures security, balance, and prosperity to the agriculturally based Balinese society.

Surrounded by working rice fields, the performance pastorally presents the cultivation of rice and the Balinese creed of Tri Hita Karana – the strict maintenance of balance in all things – on the stage. Performed by the Island’s most accomplished dancers and performers, the guests will acquire an appreciation of the all-pervasive role played by a philosophy that mandates cosmic balance be rigorously maintained between man and nature, between man and God, and between the human being. Through dance, music, and dazzling puppetry the inner workings are revealed of the Subak - the ancient institutions governing precious water distribution and the Banjar – the village-based participatory system of local government.

In every performance, over fourty artists will leave the audience with a lasting appreciation of traditional Balinese culture performed during an entertaining hour-long, fast-moving extravaganza of Balinese traditional dance and music.

Peter Wilson, an Australian renowned show director, joined the project with Made Sidia, Balinese puppet master, together they brought fresh ideas on the traditional performance and music without leaving its essence. Peter Wilson, acclaimed puppet master is widely recognized as the one of the most significant artist in combining Western and Eastern influence, and is of immense cultural value, whilst Made Sidia, initiated the learning hub communities Sanggar Paripurna - now with six hundreds students has become one of foremost learning destinations for carving art, fine arts, painting, dancing, puppetry, gamelan music and the making various religious ceremonies that open for all passionate students all over the world.

Now Desa Visesa cordially invites us to come and see dancers and musicians in action, villagers in rehearsals, classes and Balinese life up and personal. Their mission to honor the past tradition, by promoting proudness, happiness, peace and good healing spirit. Preserving Balinese philosophy is not for today only it is for the future of Bali – the concept of food, pray and love have enlightened Bali’s outstanding uniqueness and magnificence values that would bring more national and international audiences to the island to experience.

Show at Puri Kantor is perform daily at 11.00 am – 12.00 pm, ticket price IDR 200,000 net/person (include welcome drink). Same as at Desa Visesa, it perform daily at 05.00 pm – 06.00 pm and the ticket price is IDR 300,000 net/person (include welcome drink & light snack). The Balinese Living Arts show performace ticket can be booked via

About Desa Visesa Ubud

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Visesa blends an original architectural concept of suites and villas that provide generous space and superior comfort with the respect of ancestral traditions and ceremonial way of life. As an advanced expression of contemporary design values, elements of traditional architecture and noble building materials have been carefully integrated to the modern concept. All our luxury - 66 Pool Villas & 40 Suite units, adorned with stylish furnishings and the newest range of room appliances, express comfort and functionality while retain a feeling of warmth and Balinese authenticity. Four restaurants give limitless dining options and a massive central swimming pool is available for letting the day goes by. As a high-minded property of an enlightened member of the royal Ubud family, Visesa offers, in the heart of Bali, a brand new level of luxury with soul.

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